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At Sedna we are proud to say that we take our Safety, our Health and our Environment seriously. We would like to share our commitment to SHE with our customers and colleagues :


Sedna is an emerging company providing IT solutions to our heavy industry customers. It is our objective to provide superior returns to our shareholders in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We aim to build a company which we can be proud of; a good corporate citizen which respects its peoples’ health, safety and development and which makes a contribution to environmentally sustainable development through its operations.

This policy addresses the core challenges of safety, health and the environment.


In order to give practical expressions to our vision and to measure our progress, we have the following aims:

Safety and Health

  1. Prevent or minimize work related injuries and health impairment of employees, customers employees and contractors;
  2. Prevent and minimize damage to machines and equipment, both our own and our customer’s;
  3. Comply with all relevant legislation;


  1. Conserve environmental resources;
  2. Prevent or minimize adverse impacts arising from our operations;
  3. Assist our customers in minimizing their adverse impact on the environment through successful implementation of our system;
  4. Respect peoples culture and heritage;

This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly as our company grows and our understanding of the principles of sustainable development grow.


We adhere to the following principles.

  1. Commitment: Sedna’s directors are responsible for safety, occupational health and environment issues. Sufficient resources are allocated to ensure that high standards are maintained;
  2. Competence: We ensure that all staff are competent in SHE related areas through continuous training and awareness;
  3. Risk Assessment: We identify, assess and prioritise the risk the risk and hazards associated with all our activities;
  4. Prevention and control: We prevent, minimize and control risks through planning, investment, management and procedures. When accidents occur, we take prompt corrective action and investigate the cause of accidents. As we are a small company we also pay careful attention to incidents and accidents in which we were not involved to learn from other’s experiences;
  5. Performance: We meet all applicable laws and follow the highest applicable standards (between our own and our customer’s) when working on a customer’s site;
  6. Continual improvement: Be creative and innovative in managing our SHE policy.