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Sedna SiMECs historical dashboardSiMECs is an integrated suite of software and hardware components which assist with the management and protection of heavy mobile equipment in the mining industry.
SiMECs ties together software running on the corporate LAN with vehicle mounted engine protection systems, scales and touch screen operator interfaces via WLAN or GPRS networking. This allows supervisors and managers to manage their mobile equipment in real time from their office PC as well as draw historic reports. SiMECs is built using components with a solid installation base in the SA mining industry.

SiMECs features
Real time management and tracking of machine breakdowns. Engine protection system trips, manually entered faults from the vehicles and prestart checklist items are all displayed to control room operators who assign maintainers and track the resolution of the breakdown.
Real time positioning. View machines current positions in real time on an aerial backdrop.
Monitor machine virtual dashboard real time. View real time RPM, Speed and core temperatures and pressures on a real time virtual dashboard from your office.
View historic dashboards. Investigating an incident? View what the core engine sensor readings were historically.
Operator authentication and license control. Know exactly who is operating a machine, unlicensed operators are unable to start machines.
Text messaging between machine operators and control room. Control room operators are able to send text messages to individual vehicles or groups of vehicles, operators can reply from a configurable list of messages. 
Sedna SiMECs utilisationProduction and maintenance planning. Make use of a drag and drop gantt chart interface to plan maintenance and production tasks for your fleet.
Production and maintenance management. Make use of the same gantt chart interface to automatically distribute production instructions to operators touch screens and update actual maintenance down time to achieve the best possible fleet utilisation.
Management of engine health. Engine protection component prevents engine damage by shutting down the engine or forcing idle on trip conditions.
Electronic configurable pre-start check list. Operators beginning their shift must complete an electronic prestart checklist on their touch screen interface, defects reported are automatically sent to the control room for resolution.
Flexible reporting interface. Information collected by SiMECs is reported via a suite of preconfigured reports as well as through reports which can be customized to suite your needs.
Email reporting. Too busy to draw reports? Reports can be mailed to you automatically.
Multiple simultaneous users. SiMECs can be accessed by a number of users at the same time. Each user will have access to different SiMECs features according to their login access level.
SiMECs support and training

Sedna is a South African company, we are committed to our South African and African customers. We run a support centre in Johannesburg and offer tailor made SLA’s to our customers to facilitate proper support of their systems.
Training is vital for the success of a SiMECs implementation. We offer initial formal SiMECs training of users and operators during the project phase as well as ongoing training refresher courses.
 Click here to download the SiMECs brochure in PDF