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to resource and heavy industry companies looking to maximise their automation and digitization investment. Sedna aims to expand its solutions broadly across Africa and in other countries in future.

Solutions include enabling technologies such as networks (LTE, wired and WiFi), through to Autonomous Haulage Systems, Distributed Fibre Sensing and supplier value management platforms. For all of these technologies, Sedna assists its partners with the entire lifecycle: operational readiness, implementation, integration with other systems and support.

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Demand for private LTE (pLTE) is being driven by an increasing thirst for secure and efficient edge connectivity to accommodate the growing need for automation and digital solutions across mining and industrial operations across the globe.

Understanding the state of your operation’s OT environment is critical to manage down risk and managing up production uptime. Sedna reduces the gap between policies and reality

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Safety risks are mounting and an integrated approach is needed to marry best of breed solutions. In this regard, Sedna Industrial IT Solutions has, formed an alliance with Guard Hat to drive the goal of zero harm through the use of predictive analytics and wearables.


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Sedna is a proud innovator and installed Africa’s first licensed spectrum mining private LTE (pLTE) network in South Africa as well Africa’s first underground leaky feeder licensed spectrum pLTE network.

With an eye on the future in the ever-changing tech landscape Sedna continues to build key partnerships with leading OEM’s to ensure its clients stay in step with technology advances to maintain a strategic advantage. Our aim is to be a next-generation solutions provider to mines and other heavy industries across Africa.

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