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Mobile Private Wireless

New networks around the world will be built utilising 5G’s advanced technology and we harness the speed and reduced latency of 5G to drive seamless industrial solutions, including through The 5G variant of Globalstar’s Band 53 is known known as n53. Sedna installed Africa’s first licensed spectrum mining LTE private wireless network and also deployed Africa’s first underground leaky feeder licensed spectrum mining LTE private wireless network. This is a rapidly growing space, becoming a game-changer on mines and other industrial sites.

Control Rooms

Our dedicated control rooms ensure you have visibility of the operations your organisation, from ensuring worker safety to preventing downtime by ensuring maximum efficiency of your network and equipment.

Engineering Capability

Sedna has a team of in house engineers to ensure that all elements of the project are fit-for-purpose. These solutions range from CoW (Cell on Wheels) and surveillance trailers to extend the network beyond the limitations of fixed infrastructure to power supply panels to support critical infrastructure by cleaning variable voltages and providing UPS functionality.


Our surveillance cameras make use of existing wired or wireless data networks to provide video feed without installing additional cabling.


Surface and underground Wifi is adapted and deployed strategically to suit all your wireless connectivity and surveillance use cases.


We deploy primary or backup PtP and PtMP wireless backhaul solutions to ensure operational areas stay connected.

ot governance

OT network audits

An OT governance audit can help you gain an edge and apply solutions that matter. We offer additional controls like planned audits on OT governance to test recovery times and stress testing.

OT Solution architecture

We help heavy industrial organisations plan, design and implement OT applications and infrastructure in line with industry best practices to ensure operational resilience

network support teams

Our teams are skilled to help cover all operational technology needs, whether it is converging technology, maintenance of existing networks, or providing sophisticated and tailored solutions.


A rise in automated functions is giving the sophisticated and relentless cyber criminals more opportunities and avenues to attack organisations. Our enhanced firewalls and safeguards are designed not to interfere with the usual running of your business, but manage control and legacy through improved network segmentation, while avoiding risks of attack by cyber criminals.

data engineering

We help organizations achieve greater efficiency and productivity by harnessing data solutions to enhance their automation and control applications. We are experienced in deploying high speed WLAN networks as well as helping leverage existing wired network infrastructure to meet growing customer needs. 

connected worker


Autonomous and connected worker solutions add considerable value by taking humans out of dangerous environments, increasing productivity, enabling 24/7 operations, and providing predictability. Sedna Industrial IT Solutions made strides on the integration of connected worker tech through an alliance with GuardHat. This helps move away from becoming a hardware ecosystem and a platform provider to becoming a platform integrator

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